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FAQ’s What you need to know – council regulations and rules

Depending on the scope of the work you wish to carry out, the regulations you need to comply with will vary, for example; a glass roof conservatory does not need building regulations but one with a tiled roof will. It is key to check if you need planning permission, building regulations, SAP calculations, structural calculations or a Thames Water build over notice.

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When is planning required?

Depending on the type of property you have the allowance before planning is required differs, for example; generally, a conservatory can be up to 3000m in depth on a semi-detached house without planning but on a detached house it is up to 4000mm. However, the most important tip we can give is to always check with the council, while we can give guidance based on previous experience every case if different and we cannot account for certain circumstances unique to your home such as a covenant on the deeds.

When do I need building regulations?

All solid replacement roofs need building regulations, some will say they are not required, however there are a number of manufactures who categorically list building regulations as a requirement in their marketing materials, so it is important to do you due diligence. Many of the reputable roof systems have already been tested and pre-approved by LABC (Local Authority Building Control) for building regulations, this means you can submit them yourself through the local council or sit back and relax while Homeview submits on your behalf using Jhai, a 3rd party can oversee the compliance to the building regulations in the councils place and specialise in tiled roof conservatories whether it is a new build or retro fit, making the whole experience run more smoothly.

What are SAP calculations?

Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) Calculations are the only official, government approved system for assessing the energy rating for a new home or extension.

When fitting a tiled conservatory roof, whether as a replacement or new build, should the homeowner wish the structure to be open to their home, for a fee Homeview can have SAP calculations done. This gives the homeowner reassurance that the potential heat loss from the removal of the partition has been negated by the thermal efficiency of the roof structure used and complies with building regulations part L. However if the existing conservatory (glass or polycarbonate roof) is already open to the house SAP calculations are not necessarily needed as the replacement roof will vastly improve the heat lose.

When would I need a Thames Water build over notice?

If we are building within 3 metres of a public sewer, you will be required to obtain approval from your local water/sewage provider, this is called a build over agreement.

On all projects with building regulations the homeowner will be contacted by their local water/sewage supplier who will request details of the sewer layout, this is to determine if a build over agreement is required. Homeview can advise, but can only assess what is visible and it is always best practice to check if you think there may be a requirement for a build over notice.

Please note: Build over agreements can take up to 4 weeks to obtain approval, no products can be placed on order until the build over has been approved as the water/sewage provider may require the build to be altered to suit their requirements. This does mean that if planning permission is required and the build over agreement is not applied for until planning has been approved, that we won’t be able to place any products on order until the build over has been approved, this will mean our time frame to start work at your property being around 6 – 7 weeks after planning approval, assuming the build over application is arranged as soon as planning has been approved. Alternatively, the build over application can be applied for whilst the planning application is with your council but this would mean that any costs incurred for the build over application would not be refundable if planning permission were not to be granted.

Details of build over agreements are available on Thames Waters website: